Artwork Vision & Guidelines


Finestra is meant to cultivate the art conversation between local artists and people that, up to this point, have largely found art inaccessible. There is no good reason that most people feel lost when it comes to exploring and understanding art. And there is no good reason that the majority of artwork in our communities is found in closets.

A thriving community is an inspired community and we hope to restore artist gifts of inspiration within their community by giving people a personal interaction with art and an accessible form to make it their own.


We believe art is best experienced in a generational sense - in education, creation, and interaction. All of us could draw when we were young, but for some reason, when we grew up we decided we can't anymore (the ones that decided they could become artists). Though there are varying levels of gifts in the creation of art, the ability to experience the imaginative power of art isn't exclusive - not from person to person or by age.

We want the last generation of artists to encourage the next, parents to spur on their children, teachers their students, and students their mentors.

Art shouldn't be an outlier, but it is through the intermingling of young and old artists that we can cultivate imagination, technique, and influence.


Variety is a good thing. The more the better - whether its quality, size, medium, content, price or anything else. Part of our mission is to present the greatest variety of work in the best possible way.

We've started to show artwork that is under 4ft (in any direction) and hangs on a wall in the best possible way. When we can do more variety justice, we will present those.


The way artwork is introduced is critical to starting the conversation off right between artists and their community. While we are primarily focused on introducing people to artwork they can purchase, we feel we're more introducing people to a relationship and the imagination of the artist.

When you hear the creator of the art themselves describe an aspect of their work, there's a tangible and personal nature that merely a written artist bio doesn't allow for.

When you can preview and move the art around on your own wall, it's easier to visualize it being a part of your life.

When you find artwork that is local and can drive to see it in person, art feels accessible.


We want to ensure a diverse and appropriate experience for all ages using the app, whether they're an artist or art seeker. To do this, every submission to Finestra goes through a short review process. This is primarily to ensure the picture and audio quality are as good as possible to support the best viewing experience for people. For example, if you submit a piece that has poor lighting or too much background noise in the audio, we may recommend some changes and ask you to resubmit.

In addition to picture or audio quality, we'll review content to ensure it supports the most appropriate experience for all ages and the diverse viewership Finestra is attracting. Therefore, sexually or verbally explicit material will not be published at the desecration of the Finestra approval team, and the submission cost by the artist will not be refunded for inappropriate uploads. We respect and encourage all artists to present all their artwork in other contexts.


All artists will be charged 99c for submissions to Finestra. If updates to the artwork are requested to the artist from the Finestra team, the artist won't be charged for resubmitting work. When artists have art submission credits available, they will be deducted instead.